New People Clip Art and Layout for Custom T-shirt Design

We frequently look to our customers for ideas and suggestions for new clip art so we truly have something for everyone. This week we added a variety of people silhouettes, children, babies and some fantasy figures.

Layout QYT-218 can be customized to use for a variety of fun events!

Featured in this layout is a clip art of children’s faces that can be ungrouped to use individually with lots of coloring combinations. Also added are a newborn infant, sleeping baby, and a cartoon baby.

Our new silhouettes are a general man and woman, a farmer and a woman with short hair.

We added some fantasy figures – a fairy blowing fairy dust, a woodland fairy and a princess.

Finally, a rib cage skeleton that we frequently see being used with add on’s like hearts, text, and logos.

All of these are ready to be used in any of our Easy View® online designer. Create your own custom t-shirt design with our templates the possibilities are endless!