New Rec Sports Layout & Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

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Leisure league sports are a great opportunity for shirt orders and this week we are adding more of them to our artwork collection based on your suggestions.


Layout QMS-127 can be customized for other sports with different clip art.

QMS-127        QMS-127-COLOR

X15X-200                                                          X15X-196

X15X-200             X15X-196



Make up your own designs or add to existing layouts with these simple clip arts:

X15X-191                                                                X15X-192

X15X-191               X15X-192

X15X-193                                                            X15X-194

X15X-193                      X15X-194

X15X-195                                                                X15X-197

X15X-195               X15X-197



Happy Designing!




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