Professional and Collegiate Sport Licensing

When local teams are winning, as a small t-shirt business you would love to do some custom t-shirts to show support and earn some income. But getting the license to print these can be expensive and time consuming. Don’t give up, with a little creativity you can avoid any licensing issues and earn great profits.

We are still celebrating our NBA Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers. Very few of our local companies had the license to do official shirts and everyone wanted a t-shirt. It had been a long time since the last Cleveland championship and we were especially excited.

Here are some of the non-licensed custom shirts that have been popular in our area. You will note they don’t say Cleveland Cavaliers or have any of their images, but would still be fun to sell. Please note: because these companies created the designs, they now own the copyright, but they were able to avoid any NBA licensing issues.

generic sports shirt

Use your creativity to come up with your own designs in Easy View.


state outline shirt

We have all 50 states available to use as clip art.


custom Bye Felicia shirt

Take a popular saying and create your own in Easy View.


cleveland championship shirt idea

Create your own design in Easy View using a play on words.