New School Graduation and Class T-shirt Designs

Our designers have been busy this week creating new new graduation t-shirt designs for you to offer your customers. And from the looks of what’s been running across our presses, graduation shirt orders are starting to pick up!

Have you ever used one of our signature template designs? They are a great interactive way for students to commemorate the end of the school year. This new batch of designs varies from edgy to retro tattoo to fun fonts.

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Whether for students just starting school or the ones about to leave it, ‘Class of‘ shirts are always a hit. We’ve got quite a variety of new designs this year! Looking forward to see if our ‘dabbing graduate’ generates some sales. Also, our new ‘Grow With Me’ layout for the youngest scholars will help your customers who want in on this trend.

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So here’s to the Class of 2019! Or 2032… you can easily generate sales with these new graduation t-shirt designs. Log on to Easy View and get started!



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James Brian

Thanks for sharing this informative blog about T-shirts. A T-shirt is the first choice of every college-going student. I will share this blog with my friends.

Jeff Carbine

It’s awesome that this article talked about they’re a fun way for children to mark the conclusion of the school year through interactive activities. I’m glad that you explain it thoroughly this could be my year with this T-shirt. You did a great job of explaining design T-shirts.


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