Are Your Transfers As Good As Screen Printing?

A frequently asked question is, Are your transfers as good as screen printing?     The short answer is yes!  Our Goof Proof, Polytrans, Hot Split, Elasti Prints, Pearl, Puff, Glow-in-the-dark, and Glitter are all screen printed.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of pushing plastisol ink through a screen using a squeegee.   A screen is made of aluminum or wood, with a stretched mesh within the frame. Screens are pre-prepared with an emulsion, then the desired image is burned out of the screen.  The image creates a mirrored stencil.   The image below is a prepared screen ready for the ink process

Once the stencil is created on the screen, ink is flooded onto the top and pulled down over the stencil image depositing the ink onto a substrate.   The printed ink is then sent down a dryer to cure the ink.

What Are Screen Printed Transfers?

Our screen-printed transfers are printed with the screen-printed process above, the only difference being that we are printed onto a release paper rather than directly on apparel.    Instead of completely curing the ink, we partially cure the ink so it will release onto the apparel when the curing process is completed with your heat press.

Some of our screen-printed transfers have an added adhesive to improve durability and ease of application.   This includes Goof Proof and Polytrans screen printed transfer.   Others use a specialty plastisol to create an effect like Glow-in-the-dark, Glitter and Pearl.    Our AquaTru transfers use the screen-printed process but with water-based ink instead of standard plastisol ink.

peel your transfer sheet

So when you are asked if the custom screen printed transfers are as good as screen printing, it is a resounding yes because it IS screen-printing!    Watch the video to see a transfer being screen printed.

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