New School Mascots Layouts and Clip Art For Custom T-Shirt Design

School is starting soon so this week we have added some mascot requests into Easy View® online designer! Keep an eye out for more additions throughout the year. There will be mascots and mascot layout available, as well, when our new Idea Book® is published at the beginning of 2017.

You can customize each of these layouts with different text and clip art.

MAS-165                                                                          MAS-169

MSA-165         MAS-169

MAS-168                                                                    MAS-167

MAS-168           MAS-167



The mascots themselves are available for use in other Easy View® layouts.

X6L-54                                                                             X6L-57

X6L-166 X6L-57



X6L-55                                                                       X6H-13

X6L-55     X6H-13

Happy Designing!