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Softer, lighter, and thinner, burnout t-shirts are in style and as heat printers, even we can decorate this popular type of t-shirt. But first, what is a “burnout” t-shirt?

A burnout t-shirt is a standard cotton/polyester blended t-shirt where a chemical mixture “burns” away the cotton in the fabric, and leaves the other fabric that’s left, usually a polyester fabric. This burning away of the cotton fibers, leaves a very sheer, lightweight, lighter fabric that people love to wear, especially on hot days.

These burnout t-shirts are very popular now with schools, sports fans, and fashion groups. As a heat printer, you can decorate them too! Essentially a standard cotton/polyester blended shirt, these “burnout” t-shirts can be heat printed just like a regular t-shirts…with some precautions.

Hot Split on sheer burnout t-shirts from Transfer Express Apparel. District Made® Microburn® Crew DM362

Hot Split on sheer burnout t-shirts from Transfer Express Apparel. District Made® Microburn® Crew DM362

As a cotton/polyester fabric, all transfer types from Transfer Express will adhere to these shirts. But because of the nature of the sheer, thin burnout fabric, there are some transfers that are better than others.

For one of the softest fabrics, we want to choose the softest inks available. Hot Split is your solution! Hot Split is a screen printed transfers offered at Transfer Express. The ink is a plastisol ink that is screen printed onto a release paper. No additives, and no adhesive powders that create a thicker, heavier print. This transfer will blend in with the fabric to create a very soft hand.

So how do burnouts work on a heat press? With thin fabrics, the best way to heat print them is to make sure there is something in between the layers of fabric so when the ink is applied, it doesn’t attach to the other side. The best way to get around this, is to place a non-stick sheet in-between the layers of fabric, or to dress the platen as shown in a picture below.






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