New Script Fonts for Your Individual Express Names

One of the most common requests from apparel decorators has been to add script fonts to our very popular Express Names individual player name strips.

This year, we’ve added new fonts to our Express Names lineup and two script fonts are among the 7 new fonts!

What are  Express Names?

Express Names are ready-to-apply, screen printed transfers that apply to apparel in just 4 seconds. They come already printed for you and centered on easy to apply strips of transfer release paper. Apply the Express Names name strips to team uniforms and other apparel and accessories (cotton, polyester cotton/poly blends) using your professional heat press like a Hotronix® Auto Clam.

The best thing about Express Names is you can order a minimum of ONE name or word! That’s right, there is no minimum for Express Names making it perfect for small teams or last minute add-ons to the team. Express Names will ship the Same Day and delivered quickly to your door.  Express Names Turnaround Time

We have added both Athletic and Brush script fonts.  Also added are the fonts Avalon, Handel Gothic, Zag Bold, Averta, and Homeward Bound   The new additions gives your customers 13 font choices.  Express Names are available in four letter heights, 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 inches; and 22 colors!

Measuring Letter Height

When ordering script fonts, it is important to know some names/words have a descender (letters that fall below the baseline) that will affect the overall size. The letter height ordered is based on the capital letter.  This means, if you order a 2″ name that has a descender letter, from the top of the capital to the bottom of the descender will exceed the 2″.

Display Idea

To help you promote Express Names, we offer a full-size poster (16 x 20″) to show all of the font, color and size options available.  Add a frame from Amazon and you have a great, point of purchase display.

Ready to place your order for Express Names using the new script fonts? Head over to our website to place your order!

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