New Spring and Easter Layout and Clip Art

This week’s new layout and clip art is for SPRING!

QEV-173 is designed for Easter events, but can easily be switched up for any use.
Here we just removed the Easter Egg, the bunnies, changed the banner to X17A-382 and re-arranged the text at bit. Now it is for a craft fair!

This week’s clip art can also be used for a number of layout types:
X2M-152           X2M-153                   X2M-154                      X2M-155
X2M-152   X2M-153  X2M-154  X2M-155

X2B-188                                        X5B-10
X2B-188    X5B-10

X17B-151                                       X12C-60
X17B-151     XX12C-60

For example, some animals can be used for farm-related images. Here is one using QAL-505.

The possibilities are endless. Happy designing!

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