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It seems today’s customers always want their decorated apparel in a hurry after they place their order and it suddenly becomes your challenge since they need the shirts by this weekend!

For these situations, you are covered with one stop shopping for your all your apparel and heat transfer needs! We can ship the next day if you order 1 color Easy Prints® transfers (using our artwork) and we can ship in just a couple of days when ordering multi-color Easy Prints®. This quick turnaround time is lightning fast compared to screen printers that typically quote a week to ten days for delivery!

It’s also common for customers to need a few extra printed shirts after they receive their order and screen printers can’t accommodate this request of adding one or two additional shirts after the screens are taken off the press! But with heat transfers, it’s not a problem. That’s why it’s always wise to order a few extra transfers with your order to take care of these unplanned situations.

Many retailers have made the switch from purchasing direct screen printed apparel to buying heat transferred apparel for better inventory control and to shorten delivery times. With heat transfers, it’s possible to react quickly to large or small orders, reducing lead times by over 50% compared to that of screen printed apparel. Heat transfers are also perfect for selling decorated apparel online when the average order size is just one or two shirts in different sizes, colors and styles. This online sales scenario won’t work with direct screen printed apparel.

I worked with a company that screen printed t-shirts for a large retailer that eventually sold their screen print equipment and switched over completely to heat transfers for quicker delivery times and better apparel inventory control. They discovered that it was nearly impossible to meet the retailer’s demands when they received small fill in orders that consisted of just a few designs, sizes and styles.

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Place the order for your blank apparel at the same time as your transfers for a one-stop-shop!

Transfer Express offers standard and specialty heat transfers that work on a wide range of apparel and fabric types and we have an expert customer service staff to help you select the right transfer for the type of material you’re decorating. Heat transfers also give decorators the advantage of being able to embellish hats, bags, back packs, umbrellas, mouse pads and other items that are difficult to decorate with direct screen printing. Be sure to get our 2016 Easy Prints® Marketing Kit today for only $49.00 and get the heat transfer advantage!

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Sell more custom printed apparel with the use of the Easy Prints Marketing Kit

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