New Stock Ink Colors

This year we added 7 additional stock ink colors for your heat applied transfers.

This brings the total number of stock ink colors to 89, which includes our Puff, Pearl Prints™, Glow-in-the-Dark, and Glitter inks.

The new colors include:

  • Avocado
  • Dusty Rose
  • Maize
  • Robin Egg Blue
  • Rubine Red
  • Rust
  • Thistle

These new colors are available in our screen printed transfer types of Goof Proof®, Hot Split, and Elasti Prints® and also all of our full color transfers of UltraColor® and CAD-PRINTZ® Express Print, Soft Opaque, and Sub Block.

Of course, you can always order any custom color match ink that you need by just giving us the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color code.

However, the new 7 colors this year were some of the most popular colors that have been ordered in this past year as a custom color match.

To help you reduce your printing costs, we added these as new stock ink colors for you.

We also chose these colors to help fill out some missing gaps in our stock color palette.

Here are the details in case you want to know where these colors fit in exactly in the color palette:

Avocado – a brightly colored green that fits between Celery and Pistachio.

Avocado ink color

  • PMS: 368
  • CMYK: 64,0,100,0

Dusty Rose – a muted pink that is similar to Metallic Rose Gold but without the metallic sheen.

Dustry rose ink color

  • PMS: 15-1515
  • CMYK: 14,38,29,0

Maize – a lighter yellow than our current Gold ink and fits in between yellow and gold

Maize ink color

  • PMS: 123
  • CMYK: 0,22,91,0

Robin Egg Blue – a bright light blue that is a little lighter than Cyan

Robin Egg Blue ink color

  • PMS: 2985
  • CMYK: 58,2,4,0

Rubine Red – in between a pink and red; a brighter red than our regular Red, but darker than Fuchsia pink.

Rubine Red ink color

  • PMS: NA
  • CMYK: 13,100,45,1

Rust – just like it sounds; a dark reddish orange between Red and Burgundy; darker than Burnt Orange and Red, but lighter than Burgundy.

Rust ink color

  • PMS: 18-1449
  • CMYK: 24,88,87,22

Thistle – a light purple in the purple family, near Violet, but kind of muted like Dusty Rose

Thistle ink color

  • PMS: 16-3304
  • CMYK: 37,42,28,1

Already, these 7 new colors are proving to be quite popular and are being ordered frequently.

These new colors are also included in the newest Color Selector. We recommend getting this swatch color book to show your customers what all the ink colors will look like exactly when they are printed and applied.


screen printed ink swatch book


All computer, phone, and tablet screens will render colors slightly differently. You can’t go by a device screen when choosing colors for an exact color match. They will look different on different devices, computers, etc.

Not all screens are calibrated for exact colors. That’s why we carry the Color Selector for exact swatches.

You can order this separately, or it comes part of the Marketing Kit.



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