New Vintage Layout and Clip Art for Custom Apparel Design

Add a vintage vibe to your Easy View® custom t-shirt artwork! Based on your feedback, we have added various vintage items to our clip art collection. You can offer unique custom creations for heritage festivals, events with a vintage theme, or anything that needs that old-timey feel.

QYT-209 was based off a request for a Vintage Tent.

QYT-209 QYT-209-color

X17B-163                                            X16D-116
X17B-163       X16D-116
X9A-145                                             X9A-146                    X17B-160
X9A-145    X9A-146       X17B-160
X17B-162                                                                 X17B-161
X17B-162       X17B-161

Happy Designing!