New Weightlifting and Fitness Layout and Clip Art

Spring is here and everyone is hitting the gym before Summer starts! This week we have weightlifting and fitness themed layout and clip art. Fitness_-FB

QMS-125 features new clip art X15V-20.
QMS-125 QMS-125-color
X15V-20                                                                              X15V-21

X15V-20            X15V-21
X15V-22                                                                   X15x-185
X15V-22                 X15X-185
X15V-23                                            X15X-187

X15V-23 X15X-187

X4A-90                        X4A-91                       X15X-186
X4A-91           X4A-90            X15X-186

These can be interchanged into any Easy Prints® layout.

Happy designing!

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