Custom Elbow Prints with Heat Transfers

Traditionally, elbow patches are worn to protect the fabric on the elbows of jackets and sweaters from being worn out. But currently, elbow patches are more of a fashion statement, than them being used for functionality. Now instead of jackets and sweaters that are being patched, simple long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts are getting accessorized with prints by many different decorating materials. Using your heat press to decorate the elbows is easy to do and you can utilize the space on a transfer sheet make this a free add-on sale for you!

Custom Elbow Patches using Heat Transfers

Creating a design for elbow patches is easy to do in the Easy View® Online Designer. Create your sheet using an Easy Prints® layout. It’s best to use a design that is more wide than it is tall. This will leave enough room on the transfer sheet to add on an elbow patch at no additional charge. For full size designs, a second order may be needed to add on an elbow print.

The elbow patch design we used was the same clip art used in the front design. Any other clip art can be used, such as the school mascot, or just a traditional elbow patch oval. Let your creativity shine with the different designs you can add to the elbow.

Custom Elbow Patch screen printed transfer order for Softball team shirts.

Custom Elbow Patch screen printed transfer order for Softball team shirts.

The size of the elbow print we used was approximately 5″. This is a standard size for elbow prints, however you can adjust this size to your liking. For taller oval elbow patches, try doing a height of about 7″ and a width of about 5″. Again, adjust the size depending on the fit of shirt you will be using.

For applying the transfers, this part was easy. We had someone try on the long sleeve shirt and got an idea of how far up the sleeve the print should be. Ours on a Medium long sleeve shirt was about 15″ from the bottom of the sleeve. Again, adjust as needed.

Then we layed the sleeve flat on the press and applied the transfer to the instructions of the Goof Proof® screen printed transfer. Simple as that!

Share your elbow patch decorations using heat transfers on our Facebook Page! We can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

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