Newly Added Customer Suggested Layout and Clip Art

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For just over a year now, we’ve been adding new layouts and clip art into Easy View® online designer based on our customers feedback and suggestions. Each week is grouped into a theme, be it a specific sport, event, or style. Some of the items on our list didn’t seem to belong to a large enough theme so we decided to put them all together.

QSL-254 is a new addition to our small Yearbook layout collection.


Some clothing items requested were necklaces and purses.




While we have several swords, more were asked for. So we’ve added a jeweled knight’s sword.

A variety of household and occupational objects are needed by some customers.

Electric Fan X17B-401

Lock and Key X7J-97




Plain Headstone X5C-59

Chainsaw X7J-98

We are excited to see these put to use in your Easy View® custom t-shirt designs!


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