Top 9 Promotional Products You Can Heat Print

If you have a heat press, selling promotional products to companies can be a big part of your business. Promotional products, sometimes nicknamed SWAG, are items printed to advertise a company name and brand. Almost all companies use these at one time or another. Some events a company might use promotional items are a job fair, sporting event, new hire packs, trade show, and community events like a parade or fair.

Here are the top 9 promotional items you can heat print:

  1. T-Shirts: T-shirts remain the most popular promotional item. Look at your own wardrobe and count how many you have kept. Instead of just putting the company’s brand on the shirt, make it something the recipient will appreciate and wear and include a fun saying or a design for the event and include the branding somewhere on the shirt.
custom printed promotional t-shirt

Add a design or saying to a shirt that people will want to wear.

2. Caps: These are easy and inexpensive to heat print, and unlike t-shirts, one size typically fits most people. The great thing about caps are they are very inexpensive to print. With a standard size cap print you can fit 8 prints on one of our gang sheets.

promotional cap

3. Tote Bags: There are all types of bags at various price points. Grocery bags made from polypropylene are popular, get used and easy to print with our Elasti Prints® transfers. Elasti Prints apply at a low temperature so the polypropylene won’t melt or scorch. With more and more cities requiring customers to pay for plastic bags, these have become very appreciated.

custom printed promotional bag

4. Golf Towels: As the weather warms and golfers start heading out to the links, golf towels are a great promotional giveaway. You can fit 4-8 prints on one of our custom transfer gang sheets to help reduce printing costs. This is the perfect SWAG for golf outings.

custom printed promotional golf towel

5. Blankets: These are a higher cost promotional product but get a lot of use. The best kind for heat printing are those made from a fleece, similar to a sweatshirt material.

custom printed promotional product blanket

6. Aprons: Are you working with a company with a new food or drink item? Or is the company doing an event around Father’s Day? An apron for the grill master can be the perfect promotional gift.

custom printed apron

7. IPad/Tablet Covers: Everyone has a tablet these days, and a frequently used, easy-to-print neoprene or felt tablet cover is an easy promotional item.

custom printed tablet cover

8. Can Coolers: Sometimes the licensed Koozie name is used, but whatever you call them, these are popular and easy to heat print. You can fit multiple prints on a sheet, and multiple can coolers on your press to complete multiple at a time.

custom printed can cooler

9. Wine Totes: Portable alcohol? Another useful item made from felt that is easy to heat print.

custom printed wine tote

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