Old is New Again with Vintage Clip Art

Style is cyclical and everything eventually comes back into style. That’s why we love these vintage clip art and retro-inspired designs recently added to Easy View. Each week, we create new layouts and designs for you to use. These were a request from a customer so keep suggesting new art and you might eventually see it here soon.

Vintage t-shirt designs are always popular. And they are simple to achieve by following a few style guidelines. Here, we used our wire birdcage clip art and framed it with a Pinterest-worthy inspirational quote in Paris, one of latest fonts.

Another unique feature of the vintage look is a distressed image. Below, we started with our classic pick-up truck and antique sewing machine clip art.

vintage clip art vintage clip art

Then, we added each to an already distressed QBU-304 layout to create a custom transfer that could be used to promote an antiques or sewing business.

vintage clip art layout

To really enhance the vintage look of these designs, you can begin by selecting apparel that looks more traditional than modern.

Happy Pressing!

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Sandtricia Strickland

Love this idea

Dealer Services

Glad you liked the post, Sandtricia!

Dealer Services

Thanks for the suggestion, Bud! I’ll get this over to our designers.


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