9 Reasons Heat Transfers are a Great Addition for Screen Printers

Everyone gets into the apparel decoration industry in a different way. For some, it starts with heat transfers or vinyl cutting. For others, it’s embroidery. For a lot of people, it’s though screen printing.

Screen printing has some distinct advantages, particularly when it comes to very large runs. The reality though is that there is a place for custom heat transfers in most screen printing operations.

Short Runs

The definition of a short run is dependent on your particular operation. For most, orders of 1,000 and under end up getting dicey on profit and can be difficult to price. Heat transfers make quick work of these smaller orders and profit isn’t eaten up in set-up cost.

When Your Graphic Designers are Backed Up

Whether you have in-house designers or use freelancers, sometimes it’s hard to get graphics works done as quickly as you need it. By using Easy View, even those with no graphics skills can use the thousands of pieces of clip art and layouts to create exactly what the customer is looking for. In less than 15 minutes of training, even complex artwork is a breeze for anyone.

For Multiple Colors

This particularly comes into play when there is a combination of multiple colors and either a short turnaround time or a short run. Because heat transfers already contain all of the colors for the job, it’s not necessary to burn multiple screens and do additional passes. With transfer types such as Goof Proof, a multiple-color job can be done in four seconds.

For Jerseys or Customization

One thing our screen printing customers are always most excited about is the ability to upload a roster and have the names come out on a transfer – no weeding required. It’s often a game-changer.

When You’re Understaffed

It makes sense for a lot of shops to have a heat press available so they can divide their work out when they are understaffed. Many screen printing establishments have trouble finding qualified workers. Screen printing is equal part art and technique. It can be very difficult to find enough people with this skill set.

With a heat press, inexpensive labor can be trained in a matter of minutes. We publish videos to show people exactly how to use a heat press and how to press each individual type of transfer.

For Non-Apparel

Items like bags and hats can be particularly challenging for even the most skilled screen printer. Many heat presses have the ability to use speciality platens to easily handle these jobs.

When You Want to Expand, But are Tight on Space and Capital

A high quality, commercial heat press can be added for under $1,000 and takes up around two square feet. Most presses only require a 110 V line, so it’s easy to find a space to put them.

On Site Operations

Heat presses allow for mobile operations. Many of our customers have found the tournament scene to be very profitable. Because it is a special occasion, customers are willing to spend extra for a shirt or bag from that particular event. It’s even possible to customize jerseys on site by using number and letter packs.

That dreaded late order

The run for the school track team is completed. No matter how many reminders there have been, there are always those stragglers who didn’t get their form in by the deadline and now, they want their shirts. Setting up screen printing equipment for a few shirts will likely never pay off. By doing these orders with transfers, you can keep a few on the shelf for when the inevitable happens.

We’d love to hear your success stories of adding custom heat transfers to your screen printing business! Share them in the comments below.


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Looks like a great blog. You are right buddy. Heat Press machine has easier our life. Now anyone can easily print and design on a paper or cloths.

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Dealer Services

Absolutely. There’s so much you can do with it and it’s an important part of your business, so it’s critical to get a good one. Thanks for the comment!


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