Personalized Shirts – Just Add A Name

Have you or your customers received a postcard with your last name in an interesting design? Or have you seen a sponsored Facebook post with this? Companies have made a business of selling this type of work and this is something you can do, too! This is a great way to make a little money from the one-off shirt market.

To start, we recommend starting with a couple of phrases that will work in your market. Use our new Easy View designer to see what you can create. Remember, with our new sheet pricing you can fit multiple designs on the same sheet. Order 10 sheets to get started, if you fit 3 per sheet this will give you 30 potential sales. We recommend using white ink because this can be applied to any color shirt that your customer might like.

For the individual names, use our Express Names ordering. Your cost for this shirt will be $1.75 for the name + $1.35 for the print +$3.00 for a t-shirt, total cost $6.10. These are selling for between $15 and $20 per shirt from the direct marketers, earning you $9-$14 per shirt.

Easy Prints personalized T-shirt

Order personalized shirts using gang sheets and Express Names.


personalized bag using Easy Prints and Express Name

Order Express Names for individual names to add to Easy Prints layouts.

With Father’s Day approaching, one geared for Dad or Grandpa is the perfect gift item. For this shirt, we created a sheet with two images, one for Dad and one for Grandpa. We then filled the sheets with hearts and used Express Names to order the individual names. Small names like this are just $1.60 each.

personalized T-shirt using Easy Prings and Express Name

Personalized shirts with names make great gifts.


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