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You’re looking through the Easy Prints® layout collection for a layout to use for an upcoming family reunion. You open up the Idea Book™ to the Occasions category and to the Reunions section. With 150 layouts in the reunion section, you have a pretty wide variety, right? But if that wasn’t enough, now multiply that by over 30! We have over 5,000 layouts that are available to you to use for reunions or for any occasion you need! With over 5,000 customizable layouts, you don’t need to be an artist. You can customize any of the layouts in any category to fit your needs. When choosing a layout, don’t limit yourself to only the category of the subject you’re looking for. After a few text and clip art changes, your basketball layout is now a reunion design!

Easy Prints® Layout QBK-165

Turn a basketball layout into a family reunion layout by replacing the clip art and text!

How do you like our paintball layouts? Our space camp? Our chess club? Our hunting? We have over 5,000 of them! Do you get the drift? Just find a layout that you like in any category and replace the clip art and text with a clip art that you need.

Easy Prints layouts

Choose any layout you like and customize it with the text and clip art you need to make it your own for any occasion!

Don’t get stuck on the category title – Basic, Fashion, School, Sports, Occasions, Work. Each layout in any of the categories has an endless amount of possibilities for its use! Be creative and think outside the box.

Customizing our layouts is easy!
1.  Choose a layout
2.  Change it
3.  Press it and wear it!

Use Easy View™, our online designer, to pick any layout, customize it, and preview it instantly!

Do you have a go-to layout that you like to use? Tell us about it!


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