Point of Purchase Tools to Generate More Sales

Our mission is to help you grow your t-shirt business and one of the ways we try to help is with point of purchase tools. These point of purchase tools are non-branded and help you show your customers the custom items you can do for them. Here is a list of the various tools we offer to help you:


We offer full color 16” x 20” posters that look great on the wall as is or in an inexpensive frame. You can purchase these posters individually or as part of the T-Shirt Display kit. The first poster is a way to show the customer that you have art so they don’t have to create their own, it pairs well with the second poster that shows how they can use your collection of 5,262 layouts to make their own with your Easy View online designer. The third poster shows the Name choices including fonts and colors and the fourth poster shows the fonts and colors for numbers.

Color Selector

The color selector is one of the most important point of point of purchase tools you can own. Online color representation is not very accurate and pantone books are very expensive. So we created a color selector with all of our stock colors. The glitter and pearl colors look so much better on the color selector than online and will generate “bling” sales.


This is a non-branded easyprints.com website that offers a digital version of the idea book. It is a great way to allow customers to view the layouts on their own so they can come ready with a choice when meeting with you to create the customization. The layouts are in color coded categories to help get your customer to the right section with the clip art in the back.

Catalog Packs

Even in this digital world, sometimes it is still easier to look through a physical book. We offer generic catalog packs to send home with customers. They can be easily personalized with a 1.5 x 3.5” sticker for your brand.    The catalog packs are sold in 10, 25 or 100 pack. A 10 pack is also included in the T-Shirt Display Kit.


Refresher Pack

The Refresher pack is 30 full size transfers that you can heat press to create your in-store display so customers can see and touch your product. The refresher pack has transfers for sports, schools, and business. It includes transfer samples of Goof Proof, Hot Split, Glitter, Pearl Prints, Glow-in-the-Dark, CAD-PRINTZ Opaque, CAD-PRINTZ Express, Express names and numbers.  Many of the transfers were used in our photo shoot and the finished photos are in the idea book giving your company a complete, professional look.



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