How To Order A Custom Transfer Proof from Transfer Express

Easy View, our online designer, allows you to show your customers a custom transfer proof for free – either just the art or on digital apparel. But sometimes your customer needs to see the finished art design in more detail or if you don’t have the finished art in Easy View.

Here’s how to order a custom transfer proof from us. It’s easy.

Start by sending us whatever art you have, you can send it at

Here is step by step what happens:

As soon as the proof order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation that includes the viewing date. Proofs are $26.

The design team will work on your proof. When it is completed, you will get a second email telling you it is is ready for viewing. There is a thumbnail on that email, but be sure you double click the order number to see the proof itself.

You will get a large .jpg file.

You will be prompted to either approve and place the transfer order, or request a revision:

proof pending approval

This page also contains all of the details we have received at this point, a preview image with a magnifier to enlarge any portion of the artwork, and a printable page that has only your store contact name and information – not ours – so you can pass it along right to your customer.

Please note the graphic belong only says Transfer Express because the demo is coming from our account. If your company name was ABC Sports, that is what would be seen.

proof account info

If you approve the proof and are ready to order, you will be asked the rest of the transfer information – such as how many you need, the transfer type, the fabric type and color. Then select Place Order.

transfer info for proof

ordering custom transfers from proof

If you have more questions about how the custom transfer proof process works, just give us a call at 1-800-622-2280.