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straight outta t-shirt

Customize our layout to your customers words. QAL-534

We see a lot of trends in screen printed t-shirt designs from layouts (Keep Calm QPR-15) to patterns (zebra stripes CP-19) to clip art style (silhouettes) . We try to keep up but it’s almost impossible. One of the latest popular trends is the “Straight Outta” design from a recent movie release.

We created a layout QAL-534, to help you customize this trendy design to what your customers are asking for. Use our Easy View T-shirt Designer to customize the fonts, size, colors and more as needed. Want to add distress to this design? No problem, just add inside the designer in the left panel.

Here are a few more ideas to help your apparel sales:

  1. Customize for “any generation”… from young to old (timeout, senior center,  recliner, play pen)
  2. It works great for “sports” too, (practice, dugout, end zone, stands, winner’s circle,  marching band)
  3. Most people are using as a source of “pride” (city name, school name, business name)
  4. Use it to support a “cause” like breast cancer awareness, curing diabetes
  5. Just “fun” (ideas, creativity, energy, caffeine, pool)
  6. Use more “colors” to make it more fun and attractive (school colors, team colors, cause color)
Straight Outta

Look at all the ways our layout QAL-534 can be customized for all kinds of people.

TIP: If you order the design with out line 3 …leave it blank, you can order Express Names™ individually to insert in your design. (Note: Herucles and Compacta are the same font and Full Block Express Name fonts use Full Block Narrow font, when trying to match fonts) But make sure to pay attention to your height and width of your opening for line 3 so you make sure the name you order fits that opening. If you ungroup (in the red bar, object menu) the box clip art in the design, then select the bottom box and look at the left panel for the size. Write that size down – Your Express Names™ height and width must be small than this box to fit correctly.

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