Customize Gravel Tees with Different Transfer Types

Gravel Tees - Transfer Express Apparel

Gravel fabric t-shirt available with Transfer Express Apparel

Gravel fabric tees are a lightweight cotton/polyester blend that can be customized with several different heat transfer options. We are customizing District – Juniors Gravel 50/50 Crew Tee. DT2400District – Young Mens Gravel 50/50 Long Sleeve Henley Tee. DT1401, and District – Young Mens Gravel 50/50 Notch Crew Tee. DT1400.

These gravel fabric options are each cotton/polyester blends. Goof Proof, Elasti Prints, and Hot Split screen printed transfers can each be applied to this fabric type. Both Goof Proof and Elasti Prints are shown applied to the gravel fabric apparel a little further down.

Threading t-shirt on heat press platen

One application method is to thread the t-shirt on the platen so half is above the platen and half is under the platen

Since these fabrics are thinner and light weight, the front and back of the shirt may stick a little when the heat transfer is applied. One way to avoid this is to thread the platen as shown above. We suggest heat pressing as you normally would for the specific transfer type, modifying if needed.

Goof Proof - Gravel Tees

Goof Proof transfers applied to gravel, cotton/polyester t-shirts

Goof Proof screen printed heat transfers were used to customize the t-shirts shown above. Goof Proof ink applies well to 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends.

Elasti Prints - Gravel Tee

Elasti Prints transfer applied to gravel, cotton/polyester t-shirts

Elasti Prints screen printed heat transfers apply and look great on the gravel fabric material as well. Elasti Prints ink applies well to 100% polyester and cotton/polyester blends.

When customizing an apparel item with Hot Split screen printed transfers, keep in mind that this transfer type is meant to melt into the fabric to provide the softest feel. It is a good idea to avoid light colored ink on dark fabric colors when using the Hot Split transfer type.

Screen Printed Heat Transfers Applied ot Gravel Tees

Gravel Fabric T-shirts, cotton/polyester, with screen printed heat transfers applied to each

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