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Pricing for Profits in Your T-shirt Business

When getting started in the t-shirt business there is a tendency to price your service too low.  We recommend adding your shirt cost to the  printing cost and doubling.   This is a fair market price and will cover expenses such as shipping, electricity, your press and most importantly your time, and still make a profit.  For example, if your potential customer has a need for 50 shirts with a 1 color print, you may pay $2 for the shirt, and the screen printed transfer will cost $1.66=$3.66.  So, you should be charging $7.32/shirt.  The key to a successful business is to not be afraid to make a profit!  You may not get every order, but you will make money!  With the service you get from Transfer Express you can offer the best value—high quality, guaranteed fast delivery and the largest design selection to your customers.