Print Custom Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are very popular items and are simple to heat print. Since these bags are used over and over again, they make a great promotional product. To top it off, they are very inexpensive as well!

Many times you see people using these bags for groceries since they are friendlier towards the environment than plastic bags and can be reused. However, they can be used for much more than just groceries. They are durable enough to use as library bags, school bags, beach bags, and a tote bag for carrying other small or lightweight items. Because they can be used for such a broad range of items, they are suitable for many groups, businesses, and organizations.

Since custom printed polypropylene bags are so inexpensive, they can be sold, used as give-a-ways, or used as a fundraiser. These make a great alternative to a promotional T-shirt give-a-way. Local businesses could use them at trade shows or festivals for people to carry their freebies around the show, while also being a walking billboard for that business. Schools and teams could use them as a fundraiser. Book clubs and other organizations may just want to purchase them to have for their group.

custom printed polypropylene bag

Polypropylene bags are easy to customize with Elasti Prints screen printed transfers.

We have several different styles and colors of wholesale polypropylene bags in our blank apparel line. Here we used a polypropylene tote (B156) in the color Lime. Since this material has a low melting temperature, we used Elasti PrintsĀ® screen printed transfers to decorate it. Elasti Prints has a low temperature application, so it is perfect for this type of fabric.

In this example, this bag would make a great item for the boosters to sell at football games to raise money for the school team. Parents and fans could use these to carry their blanket, stadium cushion, snacks, and hand warmers to the games.

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Bella Parker

Hey, Great blog. Was very useful.

Dealer Services

Thanks, Bella! Polypro bags can be tricky, but very profitable if you use the right transfers and settings. Thanks for the comment!


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