Heat Printing High Visibility Reflective Apparel

If your customer needs reflective apparel, we have several offerings that are easy to heat print using custom transfers. We carry apparel that meets ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 certification. This apparel is perfect for road crews, parking staff, survey crews, railway workers, emergency response personnel, forestry workers, accident site investigators, airport baggage handlers, school crossing guards and law enforcement personnel where high visibility is required.

shirt with reflective strips

This shirt features reflective strips around the apparel.

The first is a short sleeve moisture wicking safety T-shirt (CS401). A long sleeve version, CS401LS, is also available. This shirt is available in safety orange and safety yellow. A 2 inch wide reflective taping is on the front and back. On the shirt shown, we applied a Goof Proof® screen printed transfer in black. The challenge to heat printing on the front is you need to center between the tape and the pocket. This print was 9.5” tall x 6” wide which fits perfectly. On the back, since there is no pocket, you can print as wide as 9”. The Goof Proof print was applied at 365ºF for 4 seconds. No cover sheet was needed, and the reflective tape could withstand the heat.

We also have stock reflective transfer options for even more visibility. POLICE, STAFF, and SECURITY are 10.75” wide and would not fit in the upper chest but could be added below the tape line. The reflective FIRE transfer is 8.25”, and EMS is just 8” wide, so they would fit in the normal front printing area.

reflective stock transfers

These reflective stock transfers are perfect for reflective apparel.

Another reflective apparel option are the vests. Pictured is CSV405, a mesh back safety vest. It is available in safety orange and safety yellow. This highly breathable vests helps ensure comfort as well as safety. It also has the 2” wide safety tape on the front and back, so your back printing area would be a maximum size of 9” wide. The mesh is easy to print with the Goof Proof transfer, but keep in mind the holes will poke through so it is recommended to use a quick slip pad protector that can be easily cleaned up after application, or a cover sheet under the printing area. There is also an option without the mesh back (CSV400) and dual color options, CSV406 and CSV407.

wholesale reflective vest

These reflective vests are great for volunteers at events and workers that need high visibility.

An ANSI Certified matching cap (CS801) is also available and can be heat printed with any of our custom transfer products. Also offered is a non-ANSI high visibility cap (C836) that can be offered to joggers, dog walkers, and delivery workers, who want to stand out from the crowd.

reflective wholesale caps

Reflective caps available in our wholesale apparel.

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Mia Evans

I like that you talked about printed Hi-Vis vests that would be breathable because they can be comfortable to wear as well. I think that is a great option when you work in a risky kind of industry such a construction and mining. Having workwear that would also be comfortable will ensure that you will be able to move fast when there is danger that is about to happen near you.


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