Printing Full Button Jerseys

Did you get an order for full button baseball jerseys that you need to decorate?   Although a little tricky, using custom transfers and your heat press is a good way to print these.   The decoration needed is often called a split front, because you need to print half on one side of where the shirt buttons, and half on the other side of the full button jersey.

Full button jerseys are a popular baseball and softball uniform choice.   To make the decorating a little easier there are two features you should look for.

  1. Spaced buttons.    Many full button uniforms have a decorating space between the buttons so the button itself will not be in the middle of the print.

2.  Jerseys without piping.   Although decorative piping looks nice. It creates an extra obstruction that may not be able to be overcome with heat printing.   If your customer chooses a              baseball jersey with a braid, an embroidered twill may be the better choice.

When ordering your custom transfer that you will be heat printing on full button jerseys, nothing special needs to be done.     For ease of application know that space between the buttons and that will be your print height.    For this reason, the most common printing for full button jerseys is a script with tail design.     These easily fit in the printing space.

These easy steps shown in the video with make heat printing full button jerseys easy!

  1. Set your temperature, time and pressure settings for the product purchased
  2. Place your full button jersey on the platen full buttoned
  3. Lay your transfer in place to find where your print should be cut (it is not perfectly in center but rather where the split occurs on the shirt.
  4. Cut your transfer along that line (Tip: The grid lines on your Goof Proof transfer will help with the cutting.
  5. Position your two halves and press
  6. Unbutton your jersey
  7. Repress the lower half to be sure it gets the needed pressure

Watch the video to see the steps in action

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