Printing School Uniforms

Many schools have gone to a dress code requiring a school uniform. Typically part of this uniform is a polo or golf shirt with a logo on the left chest. Using screen printed transfers can give potential school customers flexibility, durability and a great price!

1. Low Price: Our custom transfers are sold by the sheet which greatly reduces cost. One plastisol transfer sheet can print 9 uniforms with a 3.5 x 3.5” print. By ordering just 10 sheets, you are paying only .45 per shirt for the print!

screen printed transfer for school uniform shirts

Print 9 school uniforms from one screen printed transfer sheet that has multiple images on the sheet.

2. Flexibility: Transfers allow for tremendous flexibility. Transfers have indefinite shelf life when stored properly so you can order for the year and print as needed. Tommy lost his shirt on the bus, no problem; you can provide a new one in just 4 seconds. With schools, this flexibility raises your T-shirt business above the competition. Lost shirts, growth, or just a mid-year refreshing is no problem.

3. Durability: Our screen printed transfers have been tested for long lasting durability. Each product is put through a 50 wash/dry test and still looks ready for wear!

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