5 Best Selling Spirit Wear Selling Ideas

School sales are an important part of most T-shirt businesses, so this is the time to start approaching potential customers. Here are some custom printing ideas:

1. Practice shorts and tees: Teams, of course, need uniforms but most teams would also love practice shorts and tees with the team name and the sport on them. Players can take pride on being on the team and wearing these after the season is over.

2. Custom shirts for Mom and Dad: As they sit in the stands, parents want custom apparel that identifies with their player. Use the same print as above and have the words MOM, DAD and the player’s number available to personalize the shirts.

Ideas for best selling spirit wear

Custom transfers make spirit sales easy! Add a player’s number or MOM or DAD to the print for more personalized and profitable sales. Shown is Easy Prints layout QAL-14 with the football clip art.


3. Cinch sacks: These are easy to print, and popular with students. If your bag is nylon, our CAD-PRINTZ® digital transfers are very cost effective and apply perfectly.

4. Spirit events: Get a white out (or any other color) started. This unifies your team and intimidates the opponent. Suggest it for the big game of the year.

Fan apparel creates sales

Create more spirit sales by sponsoring a white out (or your school color).


5. Window decals: Don’t forget the non-apparel sales like window decals, locker graphics, banners, and stickers! The same art you have used for your shirts can be used for these add-on sales.

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