Promote your Apparel Decorating Business! Sell, Sell, Sell!

The days of sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring to get orders are over so it’s important to take advantage of all the marketing tools that are available to you like having a great website, using social media, and by using traditional methods like mailers and cold calling.

Too many times apparel decorators are so busy looking for new customers that they forget to contact their current customers on a regular basis. Create a call list of all your customers and use the time in between heat printing orders to call at least 5 customers a day until you’ve called the entire list. You’re sure to stir up some business and get re-orders with this approach and even if your calls don’t result in immediate sales, your customers will remember you when they’re ready to order.

custom t-shirt design

Customize any of our layouts to make a design for your customer.

Digital marketing methods are great but remember that conventional marketing methods like using the US mail are still effective for reaching target customers. Example: Send a letter introducing your company’s decoration services to local Police, Fire, and EMT stations within a 50-mile radius of your business and you’ll be surprised at the response that you get! Be sure to include a copy of the Police, Fire and EMS designs from your Idea Book™ to make it easy for them to order! I recently spoke with an apparel decorator that tried this method and out of 30 letters that he sent, he got 6 orders! Try it, it really works!

Sending a mailer or email blast to all the schools in your area might be exactly what’s needed to get them thinking about your company over the competition. Use our Easy View® online transfer designer (free for all active Transfer Express customers) to create a personalized school mascot design and email the design directly to the schools band, performing arts, or sports administrator. You can also create instant quotes with our Easy View designer that will set you apart from your competition!

Another way to promote your business is by ordering gang sheets of your company logo to personalize the apparel that you sell. Your logo needs to be small and placed in a discreet area near the sleeve edge or inside the garment in the tag area. This marketing approach would require approval on custom orders, but is perfect for retail shirt sales! Also, for an added touch, contact a box manufacturer and have your company logo and phone number printed on the side of your shipping boxes. Growing sales is easy if you get creative and use all the promotional tools that are available to you! Sell, sell, sell!

custom apparel with your logo

Add your logo onto apparel. If you have a current order with leftover space on the sheet, add it for no extra cost!

Tools to Help You Sell
Don’t forget to order your 2016 Easy Prints® Marketing Kit for only $49.00, our Easy Prints® Display Kit for $30.00, or get both for only $65.00!

marketing kit to sell custom apparel

Sell more custom apparel with our Marketing Kit, Display Kit, or Success Kit.

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