Putting New Trade Jobs Clip Art to Work

Since we’ve started releasing new Easy Prints® artwork weekly, this is the third time trade jobs clip art has appeared. It’s a frequent request from our dealers looking to provide a wide variety of designs to their customers. Jobs like landscaping, painting, plumbing, and welding are great opportunities for sales, since they go through a large volume of shirts. Shirts for these jobs also provide advertising for the company, so everybody wins!

New layout QBU-320 is great for logo use because it works well at a variety of sizes. Customize it for any occupation in Easy View®. You can use it at adult, heart and even cap sizes, providing there is not too much detail if you change the clip art.

Trade Jobs Clip Art T-shirt Layout

As shown in this layout, we’ve added a stylized welder and torch to represent the welding trade. These provide an updated and modern look to offer your customers who need design options for machine shops and fabricating.

Trade Jobs Clip Art Welding

Landscapers are about to get busy here in our neck of the woods! Get a jump on creating new looks for companies in our area with new clip art. We had a dealer request for more landscaping items like pruning tools and a weed whacker. We are looking forward to seeing the custom t-shirt designs created with these come through Easy View designer.

Trade Jobs Clip Art Landscaping

The painting trade definitely goes through A LOT of shirts. So as a custom apparel professional, you have probably pressed a few jobs for painters. Show your customers what you can create with our new painting tools and brush stroke clip art.

Trade Jobs Clip Art Painting

Finally, for the plubming trade, we’ve added some stylized pipes and little running plumber.

You can create custom apparel for any company with trade jobs clip art and t-shirt design templates in Easy View, whether it’s an established company or a new one that needs help creating a logo. Our large selection of work clip art, layouts and previous new additions to trade jobs can help you get started. And you are not limited to t-shirts because Transfer Express Apparel offers a variety of workwear for any job. Now let’s get to work!


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