6 Reasons Embroidery Shops Need to Add Heat Transfers to Their Business in 2019


  1. Embroidery customers are already purchasing logo wear.

While your customers are currently only purchasing embroidered apparel from you, it’s very likely that they are also buying t-shirts, tote bags and other items that can be decorated using heat transfers.

Why not get in on that business instead of outsourcing it?

If you’re hesitant, a good way to find out if this is a good direction is to merely start asking your customers what else they order from other vendors.

  1. The investment is in a quality, professional heat press is very low.

Unlike screen printing, the only equipment you need to get started in custom heat transfers is a professional heat press.

0002749_2048A Hotronix 16 x 20 MAXX Clam heat press sells for under $1,200 currently and can be placed on a countertop…meaning you don’t need much space at all.

Unlike off-brand models, Hotronix presses hold a true temperature and have accurate pressure settings. While it’s tempting to find a cheap press online with a million interchangeable parts, at the end of the day, these presses let professionals down.

Both transfers and apparel end up wasted because the temperature or pressure aren’t precise enough to activate the transfer properly. In many cases, the transfer looks like it applied properly, but the customer will be disappointed because it doesn’t survive many wash cycles.

At Transfer Express, we test all of our transfer to 50 wash cycles with Hotronix presses as our application device.

  1. A heat press takes minutes to learn, meaning you don’t need highly skilled labor.

One of the biggest pain points we hear from embroiderers is that it’s difficult to find and keep help. Both with embroidery and screen printing, much training is needed to get new employees up and running. And once they are trained and get some experience, the shop down the road is likely to make them an attractive offer to jump ship.

With heat transfers, an employee can be up and running in mere minutes. The Transfer Express YouTube channel has training videos for all of the different transfer types. The differences in application technique generally only involves changing the “recipe,” which is made up of temperature, pressure and pressing time.

In fact, many shops use high school students on an as-needed basis to apply transfers.

  1. There is no need to keep inventory with heat press applied transfers.

With other methods of expanding your business, such as screen printing, it’s necessary to keep an inventory of ink and other supplies. Custom heat transfers are ordered on-demand and require nothing other than a professional heat press to apply them.

Because you can order wholesale apparel from the same online tool used to design the artwork and the apparel ships at nearly the same time – both transfers and apparel will arrive in the same time frame – meaning you don’t need to take up space or capital to keep an inventory.

  1. You can get started with heat transfers in less than a week.

Hotronix presses can be ordered online and shipped to you in a couple of days. There are very few ways in which an embroidery can make such a small investment to expand their business in a such a quick time span.

  1. You don’t need graphic design skills to get started.

Competitors like to hold free seminars teaching you Corel Draw or other graphics programs. We don’t feel that is necessary. You are a business owner, not a graphic designer.

Easyview4We designed Easy View®, our online designer, so you can make your first t-shirt design in mere minutes. It comes loaded with thousands of layouts and clip art pieces. All you have to do is move them around, change the words and pick your colors.

Again, we offer extensive training videos on YouTube, but most customers are able to figure it out by just spending a few minutes in the program.

Easy View is always free for customers. Just sign up for a 30-day trial to see how easy it is to use. As a bonus, you can order apparel, totes and more at wholesale pricing right in the program!

If you’ve made the decision that adding heat press transfers is the right move to grow your embroidery business, here are easiest ways to get started:

  1. If you prefer talking to someone, call 1-800-622-2280 to speak to a customer service representative at Transfer Express.
  2. If you like to do things on your own and order online, order a heat press and sign up for a 30-day trial of Easy View. You’ll receive helpful educational emails from us to show you how to use the equipment and software…as well as how to market your business.


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