Save Designs in Easy View to “Your Library”

Easy View is a an amazing design tool. You can make multiple of designs in seconds. As you create them for you or your customer, you will want to save your creations to your “My Library” for later use to place your orders.

To SAVE a design to your Library:

  1. Create your design as needed with the custom text, colors, size, fabric color, etc.
  2. Then in the bottom right hand corner of Easy View there is a button called “Save Job”. Click this.
  3. A message box will come up to name your file. Choose a unique name to help you refer to it later. Type the name and click “Save”. Tip: You may want to keep the layout name as part of the name in case your customer wants a variation of that design again and you will know what layout you started from. Or you can alter this saved design and re-save it under another name later.
    Save to your library

    Save to your library

To OPEN a design to your Library:

  1. If coming from the “Start a new job” window, choose the last option on the top row, “From My Library”
  2. If in Easy View design area, just click the “Open from my Library” link in the main header area.
  3. Browse to the design that you saved previously, and click on it. It will open in Easy View.open_library

Watch more Easy View training videos here

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