Using the Easy View Art Board To Make Transfers The Right Size

Our new and improved Easy View® online designer gives you unmatched options to do anything you want with your design. This includes the ability to size your design specifically the way you want it. This is very different from our original Easy View which required you to select a size from a drop down menu. So… what if you were reliant upon that drop down menu of standard sizes? What if you’re not really sure what size to make your artwork? Have no fear! The Art Board will assist you!

The Art Board is the thick dotted line that appears in the work space of Easy View. In it’s default setting, the Art Board is set to our paper size – 11.25″ x 14″. But by clicking Art Board on the red tool bar you can adjust that dotted line to fit your needs. You can rotate it and change the orientation to either portrait or landscape if that helps you to visualize your gang sheet or artwork. Or you can actually change the size of your Art Board. Perhaps you need to make toddler sized transfers, but you’re not exactly what size to go with. Or maybe your just a visual person. You can go to Art Board and select the Toddler 5.5 x 5.5 size to change your Art Board to THAT size. This means that as long as your design fits withing the Art Board’s dotted line, it will be the Toddler size you need.

Change your Art Board size

Change your Art Board size


If you’re trying to fill up a gang sheet, you can easily switch the Art Board to whatever size corresponds with what you need, design the transfer at that size, then switch your Art Board back to Standard Sheet Size to fill up your gang sheet! Use the Art Board to make sure designs are sized the way you need them without all the trial and error of doing the art and THEN trying to size it. Trying to do a design smaller than adult size? Click the category drop down to access sizes that correspond with hearts, caps, and more!

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