Save Money and Time with Easy Prints Custom Transfers

Did you know you can save $25 and a day in production time by using Easy Prints custom transfers?    Easy Prints is a Transfer Express exclusive using our art, fonts or layouts to create your custom art.

Here is how it works:

  1. Login at
  2. Choose the Design Center from the top tool bar
  3. Make one of the three choices:
    1. Add Text
    2. Add Clip Art
    3.  Or Add Layout
  4. Customize
  5. Position and size on your art board
  6. Add More if there is room using the same buttons in number 3
  7. Add your color or colors
  8. Select the quantity needed, see the price and place your order

Choose Easy Prints When…

Use Easy Prints when your customer has no idea what they want.   For example, if your customer says I need uniforms for my softball team,  use the Idea Book and partnering Easy View to give them ideas for their team in minutes with their team name in their team colors.

When prospecting for business.  With the share option, email or download  proofs right from the screen

When a customer provides art that easily be replicated in Easy View.   Most schools use the same clip art as everyone else.   Text only layouts are easy to recreate in Easy View using our fonts to save money and time

Easy Print and the online designer will make all of you an artist.  It is art on rails and easy to use.   If you are stuck just email us at and we can help!

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