School Spiritwear Inspiration

If you are heat printing apparel, you are sure to find yourself printing school spiritwear.   This hugely popular nice includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags and caps.    Everything someone wants to show their belonging to a school.

School Spiritwear Ideas

Our first school Spiritwear gets the most our of that gang sheet with a full front, left chest and sleeve all on the same sheet.    You can print 4 different shirts all from this one sheet really reducing your costs and increasing profits.      The full front is one of our best selling Easy Prints layouts, QMS-222.   These templates are easy to make your own by changing the text, swapping out your clip art from our collection of thousands and making it your school color (Vegas Gold) using our online designer, Easy View.

This uses a similar repeating text layout (QSL-308) and uses white on a dark green shirt.   And our third example we added a second color using the same layout.

Unique Placement

If you want your school Spiritwear to stand out from the crowd, try a unique placement idea.   On this hoodie we used a tiger clip art on the same gang sheet and positioned it on the hood.

Fashion Shirts

Another way to separate yourself from the competition is using fashion apparel.    This District women’s scorecard tee has printed stripe sleeps and a drop shoulder.   Add a fun,  Easy Prints layout, QSL-295,  in one color and you have a sure winner.

Special Ink Effects

Printing a design in one of our special ink formulas (pearl, puff, glitter and glow-in-the-dark) is another way to stand out.    The glow in the dark print pairs perfectly with the space theme design. (QYT-239)


Testing Ideas

With Easy View, your free online designer, you can create a few designs in minutes and show your customer what you can do for them in their colors, name and mascot.   Invest a few minutes to create 3-5 designs for a potential customer.

Spirit Sale

When you are ready to sell easily create an e-commerce store using Spirit Sale.   This will tie into your Transfer Express account and Easy View designs to make selling quick and easy.    Post an end date for your sale, count and collect what is needed.    Your transfers will ship in 1-2 working days and you will have your pre-sold shirts ready for delivery in one week.

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