Increase Profits on School Spiritwear

Are you offering school spirit wear and don’t know what products to use?   The answer is really based on the quantity sold and the number of colors in the design.   Although there are differences a combination of all three-UltraColor Max, Goof Proof, and UltraColor Pro can be used to optimize profits on your school spirit wear orders.

Same Design, Three Products from left to right, UltraColor Max, Goof Proof, UltraColor Pro

Samples and Small Orders

If you are providing samples for your customer, UltraColor Max is the perfect solution.    Our DTF transfer, UltraColor Max has no minimums so you can order just 1 to create a sample for each item you will be offering it your school Spiritwear sale.   In addition, the turnaround time is super fast, you can order by midnight and this transfer will still ship the next business day.    When you close out your sale and have just sold a few, UltraColor Max is again your solution for quantities to about 18, depending on the size.   This allows you to fulfill every order and never turn down a sale.   The Max cost of 1 is also the guideline to your selling price so no matter how many you sell; you are ensured a profit.

1 or 2 colors, 18 or more quantity

If you close out the sale with 18 or more sales, other product solutions will offer larger profits.    If the design you are printing is 1-2 colors, screen printed transfers are the solution.    Screen printed transfers are a fan favorite since this is the same plastisol inks customers have found in retail stores for years.     Gang sheeting will come into play with screen printed transfers, too, adding to your profits.       Our best-selling Goof Proof screen printed transfer applies in just 4 seconds to cotton and poly/cotton blends, saving you time at the heat press.  Goof Proof comes in two sheet sizes regular 11.25 x 14 and jumbo sheets, 12.5 x 17.5 in size.

If you have sold 100% polyester apparel, Elasti Prints will be your solution.   Elasti Prints applies at a lower temperature to reduce scorching on your heat sensitive polyester.
These products also both ships fast, 1 color in just 1 day and multi color in just 2.

Full Color, 18 or more quantity

If you need 18 or more of a full color design, UltraColor Pro is your profit maker.    UltraColor Pro is a hybrid transfer—part digital, part screen printing that comes with money saving price breaks.  UltraColor Pro also takes advantage of gang sheeting, with its large 11.5 x 18 sheet.   Whatever you can put on that sheet is included in your sheet price so fill it up!   UltraColor Pro does have a very thin clear outline that is barely visible.   Check out the photo below!

Gang Sheet Magic

Our Screen-Printed transfers and UltraColor Pro transfers are both sold by the sheet.    This means using the gang sheet process is your superpower!   For these products you will see the dotted line representing the sheet size on the Easy View design center artboard.   Be sure you fill up every inch of that sheet, allowing about .5 inch between the images so you can cut them apart.   This is a great opportunity to try private labeling using shirt tags or adding left chest or infant/youth size options.    The sheet is often large enough to fit two adult size images on each sheet, cutting your print costs in half.   That online visual gives you the tool you need to fill the sheet and get the most for your money!

Customer Service Help

If you need help deciding what product will lead to the most profit, our customer service team is available to help via live chat, phone 1-800-622-2280 or email during business hours 8-6 ET Monday thru Friday.

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