Screen Prints vs. Digital Prints

How do you want your transfer to look?  When choosing a transfer that you would like to use, one major question that you will need to ask yourself is whether you want your transfer screen printed or printed digitally, both of these options offer different looks.

Screen Printed Transfers

Screen printing options for creating transfers for decorated apparel

The above image provides examples of various types of screen printed transfers and shows you what some of these transfers look like.  The types of transfers in this image include; Goof Proof®, Elasti Prints®, Polytrans, Hot Split , and Glitter.  You can use as many colors as you would like, but keep in mind that these transfers are charged per color and the price of the transfers will go up with every color that you add.

The screen printed transfers get their name because they are literally printed onto giant screens.  Each screen contains one color of the design.  Once created, the screens are combined and printed to create your custom transfer.  With the screen printing option, we have more than 80 colors for you to choose from!


The types of digital transfers included in the image above consist of OpaqueSub Block, and Express Print.  You can even use these digital options to print photo transfers!

These transfers are called digital transfers because they are created digitally through a computer or digital device.  There are many different colors to choose from with this option because they follow a CMYK color palette.  You can add as many colors as you would like to your design with no additional cost with this option.

If you would like to order screen printed or digital transfers, is a great resource to find additional information.  If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to call our Dealer Service team (1.800.622.2280).  They will answer your questions and help you decide what kind of transfer will work best for your needs!