Numbers for Nylon, Spandex and Other Hard-to-Print Apparel

A digital transfer number is the perfect solution for printing on nylon, spandex and other hard to print apparel. These are perfect for compression fit volleyball uniforms and other performance wear. You can also use digital transfer numbers if you need a pattern added to the number, including our new Chevron pattern, or if a unique color is needed on a small order.

digital numbers on jersey

Digital transfer numbers work great on hard-to-print apparel fabrics.

To order, you will enter the size of a set of numbers 0-9 in our calculator, and then note how many sets are needed:

Price Calculator

The CAD-PRINTZ Price Calculator is located on the Transfer Express website under the Help and Education tab and in the Tools.

The example above is for 10 sets of the numbers 0-8 in the 6” size, only $2.63 per digit.    The cost decreases as your quantity increases.

The sizes to use when entering the number size are:

4″ = 20.68″ wide x 5.81″ tall
6″ = 21.48″ wide x 12.23″ tall
8″ = 21.98″ wide x 22.8″ tall
10″ = 20.15″ wide x 33.627″ tall

Our Dealer Service team will help you place your order for these numbers, just give us a call at 1-800-622-2280.

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Paula Kay

I need help!! We are trying to press Transfer numbers on mesh nylon football jerseys
and having all kinds of problems getting them to press correctly.
Can someone please contact me.


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