Selling Custom Shirts at a Track Meet

Selling shirts at an onsite event like a track meet can have both its challenges and rewards, but if done right, can be a most profitable day!

With a portable heat press, like the Hotronix® Auto Clam, you can print shirts right at the event. Just be sure you have electrical power and a tent to protect you from the wind, cold, rain or sun. This is a great purchase if onsite events will be a part of your business, or just rented if you are giving printing at onsite events a try!

t-shirt tent for events

Hang a banner and some shirts showing what is available.

track apparel

Athletes like to have T-shirts from the events they have participated in.

Have at least 3 or 4 designs to choose from for the event and sport. Then, have personalization ready to be added such as the event, qualifier, Mom, Dad, etc. These extras will have your sales adding up quickly. If a customer can see personalization, they will add it without even considering cost, you have driven up demand. Have at least one multi-color print, then a few in white ink that can go on an assortment of shirt colors you will have on hand. Tie Dye is always an eye catcher and will generate sales. School colors or event colors are also good choices. For example, for a Junior Olympic event you might have red, blue, tie dye and white shirts. The multi-color will go on white shirts, and your white prints will work on the other colors. Or your multi-color design might use white as a color and offer only color shirts so that any print can be used on any color shirt.

Get Ready! Set! Print!

custom track cinch bags

Don’t forget about custom cinch sacks!

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