Selling Hockey Tournament T-Shirts

Hockey season is winding down, but there are still a lot of sales opportunities. Hockey state champions are being crowned at the high school level and there are many youth hockey tournaments. Tournaments are popular during St. Patrick’s Day weekend as well as the mid-March, Ides of March tournaments.

customize your own hockey t-shirt design

Use Easy View to customize hockey designs for t-shirts.

If there is an upcoming hockey tournament in your area, offer to set up a custom printing shop at the tournament site. You can offer hockey t-shirts, hoodies and performance wear with a custom logo for the event as well as stock hockey transfers. All you need is a table and electricity for your t-shirt press and you can print on demand as your customer orders. Create a display so your customer knows the design choice as well as your shirt choice. Offer to give a portion of the proceeds to the tournament organizer and you can both profit.

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Create a unique design for your hockey event tournament. Creating a design that customers really want is the key to success at an event. Since most of us are not professional artists, our Easy View® online designer will help. We have 130 hockey t-shirt designs to choose from, or add hockey clip art to any of our over 5000 layout design choices.

If you are only offering t-shirts and hoodies, Goof Proof heat transfers are your best choice because it applies in just 4 seconds. If you are offering 100% polyester performance wear, then the Elasti Prints® transfers will work best.