Selling Patriotic Tshirts

Patriotic t-shirts are a popular way for people to express their love for their country.    Selling patriotic t-shirts is a great way to tap into this market and generate some revenue.  With two upcoming patriotic holidays, Memorial Day and Independence Day, now is the time to start planning.

Creating Your Design

The first step is to create the design in Easy View, your online design center.    We have thousands of ready to customize art that you can use.    In just seconds you can take a layout and make it perfect for your event.    Any of the artwork can be made, red, or white, or blue or all three!   We have many clip art choices that can be used in your own designs including fireworks, eagles, ribbons and flags.  Some categories to find patriotic layouts include 4th of July, events and elections, all found under the occasions tab.   Don’t limit yourself to those template categories use the patriotic clip art in place of any artwork from any category    If you find a baseball template you love, just swap out the baseball clip art for a flag and add your event name and it is ready for use.

The mock-up tool in Easy View is a great way to gauge the success of your designs before you even need to place an order.     Promote a few choices on social media to see what customers like.    Customers love to give their input, ask which of these four designs do you like best?

Choosing Your Transfer Type

The What to Use when chart is a great guideline for your transfer choice.     Do you just need 5 designs for the event staff?   UltraColor Max is the perfect product for small quantities.    Are you doing t-shirt for a band marching in the Memorial Day parade?   Since this will be a larger quantity, the best transfer choice will be based on how many colors are needed in the design.    If they need just a one color design, on a red t-shirt, our best selling Goof Proof is the way to go.

what transfer to use when chart

If your customers needs a red, white and blue design to go on assorted t-shirt colors, UltraColor Pro will be the best choice.  The shirt color itself can be incorporated into the design to reduce the number of colors too and will help to keep the print light.    If printing a flag you know will be applied to a red t-shirt, use the red of the shirt for the flag stripes!

If you are ordering Goof Proof or UltraColor Pro, remember these two products are sold by the sheet, so fill them up.   UltraColor Max is sold by the square inch so you are ahead to order individually.

This month’s Toast to Transfer kit is a great way to try some of these products.   The kit includes four designs showcasing the new  Simbroidery effect.    Included in the kit are the transfers to apply to a picnic blanket, grill mitt, t-shirt and can cooler.   The completed kit creates a great display to show what you can offer.


Marketing Your Designs

Your marketing efforts are essential to your sale.  Use social media to create buzz and generate interest.    If you will be selling at an event this will help increase sales.  Consider running a promo or discount for pre-orders  At the event be sure your designs are predominantly displayed.  Use eye catching signage with pricing listed.    Use the print on demand concept so that none of your profits are tied up in unsold inventory.    Your heat press can be brought to the event to accomplish this.

In conclusion, selling patriotic shirts is a great way to generate revenue and tap into the patriotic spirt of your community.   By creating and choosing the right designs, the correct transfer type and effectively marketing your t-shirts you will make your patriotic t-shirt sale a success.   Remember to have fun with your customers while spreading patriotic vibes!

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