Selling Souvenir T-Shirts

When looking at the different markets your t-shirt business can sell to, don’t overlook the resort and tourist market. Think of all the different shirts you have bought from places you have visited. With your heat press, custom transfers and a little creativity, this is a very lucrative apparel market.

Custom Tourist Shirts

T-shirts are great for vacationer groups and tourist souvenirs alike.

When you first think about this market, the first thought is to sell to the destination itself. Most of these locations have a souvenir or gift shop. Approach them with the complete package including cost and artwork ideas. You can use our online design tool to create some ideas, and if you get the order, incorporate the logo as well. This can be done by adding a custom clip art to your account.

Destinations to approach are hotels, resorts; amusement parks, zoos, and adventure areas like zip lining, white water rafting, water skiing, skiing, etc. Also, think of local tourist destinations, especially smaller ones that have less competition for their business. Here locally, we have a trolley tour, a president’s home, a Segway tour, and a county history museum to name a few.

The second area to gain sales from this market, and even larger than the first, is with the groups planning a visit to these places. Many groups want to wear matching shirts so the group is visible and they can find each other. Set up an in-store display showing ideas. Some ideas are a family going on vacation, seniors taking a bus trip, or a school group visiting a large city. You can even partner with a local travel agency and have them include a custom flyer in the group’s package. This would be a great service to the agency as well as the groups—you have made it easy to order, done the work for them and kept the costs low since they are buying a quantity. The online Easy View™ designer is perfect for creating these ideas that include the family or group’s name as well as the destination and trip date. You then use the design in the personalized flyer using our flyer templates.

Interested in learning more? Watch our webinar that has more information and tons of photos showing the ideas using the customized design layouts and a heat press!

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Jay Jorgenson

My wife wants us and our family to get souvenir Tshirts for our trip. I like the picture of the green souvenir Tshirt that says “It’s Greek to me”. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I’ll purchase my family souvenir Tshirts online.


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