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It’s that time of year again! Families are getting together; the cousins are playing, the parents are reconnecting, and the grandparents are sitting back and relaxing in the sun.  It is time for family reunions!  July and August are popular months for family reunions, be prepared when your customers ask you about apparel designs for their upcoming family events!

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Design #QRN-131

A great opportunity to show your customers some of the different designs that you can offer them is by printing off the family reunion flyer from our website.  This resource provides your customers with apparel design options and is a great way to gain prospective customers.  Post the flyer at local businesses that sell items that you would usually have at a family reunion, such as outdoor games, pool toys, and food for the grill.  Another resource that you can use to provide your customers with decorated apparel design options for their upcoming family reunion is Easy Prints®.  Use the Easy Prints® website and Pinterest page to show your customers designs that may interest them.  If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to promote your business; share a link to the Easy Prints® Pinterest page, since this is for family reunions, send them directly to the Family Reunion apparel board or repin some of the t-shirt designs to your own page.  The Pinterest page will show your customers what the designs look like when they are actually pressed onto the t-shirts and worn. (To learn more about Pinterest, check out Pinterest for Your T-shirt Business)

Family Reunion 2

Design #QRN-81

If the family reunion is on location at an amusement park, beach, or even a backyard with a pool the process of figuring out a design that will work for your customer is even easier!  If you find a design that is specific to the location where your customer is holding the event, they will get even more excited about choosing the t-shirt design for their reunion!  Keep in mind that all of our apparel designs are customizable, if the design choice currently says ‘Compton Resort’ you can change it to ‘Family Reunion.’  For example, the following image would be a great choice for a beach location! Just switch out ‘Bay View’ for the family’s name (such as ‘Smith’) and replace ‘Yacht Club’ with ‘Family Reunion.’

Change the text!

Design #QRT-19

Another option for getting more customers and sales through family reunions is to visit event locations.  If you cannot find the families having the reunions, then visit locations where reunions can be held.  If there is a local fire hall that can be rented for events, ask the person in charge of the fire hall if they have booked any family reunions, do the same for amusement parks, local pools, and pretty much anywhere that has a picnic area and needs advanced notice in order to book events.  Bring a Black & White Idea BookTM to present what you do to the person in charge of the establishment.  This will be even more useful if you put your company’s information on the Black & White Idea BookTMand let them keep it for future reference!  The individuals in charge of these establishments can become great resources by referring you to those groups holding upcoming events or even those people who book events at the location in the future.

Be sure to let your customers know about the fast turnaround time.  Since we are in the heart of reunion season, customers will be glad to know that they will get their apparel items in time for their reunion!


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