Selling T-Shirts: High School Events

Schools are obviously a great niche for selling shirts.    They are probably one of the two niches where showing your identity is the most popular, the other being sport’s teams.   Students want to support their school and wear the custom shirt with the school name with pride.   Most schools have some sort of Spiritwear point, but an often missed opportunity is selling shirts for school events.

School events are often run by a particular organization within the school so the key is finding the correct point person.   It could be the advisor or even the student leader who is the best contact.   Below is a list of some school events and the season they often take place.

Fall School Events


Powder Puff games

Fall Play

Alumni band Night

Field Trips

Rivalry Games

Chess Club Tournament

Student Council Election

Pep Rally

Winter School Events

Winter Formal

Science Fair

Christmas Concert (Band and Choir)


Spring School Events

Prom/After Prom

Spring Concerts (Band and Choir)

Spring Play


Senior Spirit Week


Winning the Sale

Once you find the correct contact, be sure to use Easy View, your free online design center to quickly create custom art ideas.   With Easy Prints templates, this can be done in just seconds to present to your potential customer.   We recommend giving them about three choices, anymore and it hurts more than helps.



Once your customer makes their design choice, set up a spirit sale store to take orders.   Set a deadline for ordering at least a week before the event.    Then place your apparel and transfer order.    Use price breaks so you have a couple of extra at no extra cost—there are always late comers.   Once your transfers and apparel arrive, use your heat press them up and deliver!

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Jean R. Miller

I’m just getting started and decided to watch tutorials first to get an idea of how to do heat press. Very good presentation.
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