Setting up Your T-Shirt Business Work Space

You have your heat press and are ready to get started by setting up your work space.

This can be done in a limited amount of space, only about 6 feet is needed. A heavy duty table that will hold your press and give you an area on one side for your apparel and transfers, and on the opposite side, space for the finished printed items. If you have a Hotronix® Auto Clam, we also offer a Heat Press Caddie™ stand. Below are photos from a few of our customers of their own work space.

heat printing work space

One of our customer’s work space, complete with storage shelves, a heat press, and a nice big work table with plenty of space.


heat printing work space set up

One of our customer’s work space with a multi press set up, with plenty of space between presses for supplies.


heat printing work space

One of our customer’s work space with transfer storage shelving.

What else is needed?

Honestly, nothing. Our transfers are on their own cover sheet, so no additional covering is needed and can even hinder application. Some customers like to use a bottom platen cover to make threading the shirt easy, but it is a luxury and not needed, especially if you are just doing t-shirts. Print Perfect Pads or a foam mouse pad are nice accessories if you will be printing around pockets or seams to raise the print area.

In summary, all you need is a heat press and 6 feet of space. Let’s get started….


Setting Up Your Heat Press Workspace ebookWant more information on setting up a workspace? Download our free ebook!