Don’t Be Scared to Heat Print

dont be afraid to heat print

I was recently at a trade show, teaching attendees how to use a heat press and screen printed transfers to print custom t-shirts. Everyone loved the concept but were too afraid to actually try to press a sample shirt.

I also talked to a few people who recently bought a heat press and wanted to get started, but never took the heat press out of the box.

When it comes to heat printing, and especially with screen printed transfers, there’s nothing to be scared about. It’s harder than you think to mess up. Our most popular transfer type, Goof Proof®, got its name for a reason – it’s a very forgiving screen printed transfer.

If you are just starting, here’s my best tip to give to you. Just get your press out and try it. Don’t be afraid to mess up. Just turn it on, and close the press a few times to get acquainted with how your machine works – the feel of clamping it down and opening it.

Get an inexpensive t-shirt (you can find them for about $1.70 or less) and request our free sample pack. Follow the simple instructions for each transfer type and just press them all over the t-shirt. Don’t worry about lining them up. The important thing here is to just get a feel for how it all works.

At the show, when I would insist that the attendees try it, they were so happy they did. They were amazed on how easy it actually was and couldn’t believe that they were previously afraid to do it.

So if you already have your heat press and were too afraid to get started, face your fear by taking the first step and get the press out of the box. You’ll be so glad you did!