Shirts for Weird, Wacky and Unofficial Holidays

They’re bizarre, unique, wacky and completely unofficial however they are a lot of fun and make our days, weeks and months more enjoyable. We’re talking about shirts for Unofficial Holidays. These holidays aren’t your traditional Federal holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most of them are off the wall like “Walk Around Things Day” (April 4th) or “Hug Your Cat Day” (June 4th). However there are many Unofficial Holidays that have meaning to someone else which means the opportunity to sell more apparel!

Create a unique Welding Month t-shirt by simply changing the clip art from a baseball to a welder.

Create a unique Welding Month t-shirt by simply changing the clip art from a baseball to a welder.

For instance April is National Welding Month. The entire month gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to the professional welders who help build America every day and the future welders who will continue the advancements in welding. Now this is a holiday that isn’t celebrated by the masses, however this month is important to those in the industry. Think about the opportunity here. There are hundreds of thousands of welders and student welders in the US. We’re sure there are even dozens of welding companies in your local area that would find this month to be important. You have the opportunity to make this month special to them. What better way then to provide them custom apparel with unique design layouts from the Idea Book?

No matter what the holiday is, there is an opportunity to find customers through promotional giveaways. Let’s take a look at some more unofficial holidays that are coming up in April. These will give you ideas for the type of customer or designs you will expect to see.


International Guitar Month – music and guitar stores are perfect places to sell t-shirts for staff and promotional giveaways. Music Design Ideas

This design was created from scratch in Easy View using Guitar clip art X3B-135 and text.

This design was created from scratch in Easy View using Guitar clip art X3B-135 and text.

Lawn and Garden Month – local greenhouses, garden centers, landscapers, lawn care etc. Heat print onto t-shirts, aprons, garden gloves, sun hats and more! Landscaping Design Ideas

Lawn and garden

Design Layouts out of the Landscaping section work great for custom shirts for Lawn and Garden Month.

Library Week (April 12-18) – visit your local libraries, especially the school library. Tote bags are popular for this occasion because they are a perfect way to carry several books.

Library Week2

Administrative Assistants Week (April 19-25) – local companies are looking for ways to show appreciation to their employees. How about a custom t-shirt or tote bag?

Golfer’s Day (4/10) – Custom Golf towels, sport shirts, visors, and much more can be heat printed for golf courses and individual golfers. Golf Design Layouts

Astronomy Day (4/28) – local astronomy clubs, schools, science centers & museums, libraries and even your local community will be holding events.


Think outside the box and look for design ideas in other Easy Prints layout categories. This layout came from the School>Class Of category. Just change the clip art and text to make it your own!


Think ahead to the summer month holidays. We gave  you a jump start below with some wacky holidays in May and June. Hopefully you can share some of your ideas with us! Share your Easy View designs on our Stahls’ All Things Heat Printing Facebook Page!


National Barbeque Month

National Bike Month

Nurse’s Week (May 6-12)

National Police Week (May 11-17)

Emergency Medical Services Week (May 17-23)

National Teachers Day (May 5)

Armed Forces Day (May 16)



Dairy Month

Gay Pride Month

National Fishing and Boating Week (June 6-14)

National Doughnut Day (June 5)

National Trails Day (June 6)

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