Soccer Uniform Ideas

Promoting soccer can increase your T-shirt business profits. After the U.S. Women’s World Cup win, there is renewed interest and soccer has become an increasingly popular participation sport. If your teams are looking for a soccer uniform, we have a number of options that can be heat printed with custom transfers. In seconds, you can print a great looking soccer uniform.

The first is a solid color shirt, style ST350 from Sport-Tek, carried in the Transfer Express apparel line. This shirt is lightweight, roomy and breathable. It features PosiCharge technology to lock in color and prevent logos from fading. Best of all, it comes in 23 different colors, making it a great soccer league shirt. It is 100% polyester and tends to be heat sensitive, so you want to use our heat sensitive transfer, Elasti Prints®. On this shirt, we used a 1 color Elasti Prints in white. You can see how the white stays white with this product on this shirt. The art layout used was QSO-188 from our Easy Prints® art layouts, designs you can customize in seconds to make them your own. This layout fits 2 prints per sheet, cutting printing costs in half. You can print two teams from one order. Here, we did both the Mustangs and Panthers on the same sheet since both are using white ink. For the number on the back, you can use any of our Elasti Prints number styles, including Champ Pro, Euro Pro, Avalon and the new Rex Pro, the same style worn by the World Cup champions. Our Express Names™ can also be heat pressed using the low temperature application instructions if the team wants individual names added.

Custom printed soccer shirt

This design was able to fit 2 on a transfer sheet to reduce printing costs.


custom soccer shirt

Use a Color Selector to match ink colors with the shirt colors.

If you want to add a little more color, try style ST351. This has the same shirt features as above but with added colorblock panels on the shoulders. It comes in 14 different color combinations. The one shown is Black/Lime Shock, but the Celery ink color matches the panel the best. A color selector becomes an important tool in situations like this because the color name doesn’t always match up from apparel to ink, but with a color selector, you can quickly see the best ink color to use. We heat printed this shirt with Elasti Prints as well, and it is art layout QSO-156. When printing Elasti Prints in 2 color, keep in mind that one of the colors must outline all the others, as you can see the white outlines anything that is celery.

Our last suggestion is style ST361. This style adds extra color at the neck and sides and has moisture wicking performance and value. It comes in 10 color combination choices, all with the vintage grey predominance. Although this shirt is also 100% polyester, the vintage grey color is not affected by the heat, so any product can be used. Shown is the Vintage heather/maroon combination but our Burgundy ink more closely matches the panel colors. We used Burgundy and Gold ink on a trendy art layout, QSO-170.

custom printed soccer shirt

Add some extra color to your custom look with a multi color shirt.

Our dealer service team can make suggestions to give you the best looking soccer uniforms on the field!